Dear web side Visitor

I would like to introduce myself. I`m a senior Environmental Health and Safety consultant working with HSE issues since the beginning of the 80`th.My professional background is Master of chemical engineering where I started my career in a innovation company within a chemical group.

Since 1981 I`ve been a independent consultant mostly active in environmental permitting an auditing and development of environmental technology. My specialty is issues with volatile organic chemicals VOC. These regarding air emissions or ground water pollution. My experience and working area is global.

Example of experienced projects

  • Applications for environmental permits according to the Swedish environmental act for mechanical-, printing-, building material- and plastic- industries
  • Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) in real estate and different industrial branches
  • Project management of different remediation projects like ground water and rock storing bed water polluted with volatile organic substances (VOC)
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) auditing according to European and Coparative standards and legislations.

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